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Doxing is not new; the term dates back to 2001 and the hacker group Anonymous. In 2014, several women were doxed by male gamers trying to intimidate them into keeping silent about sexism in computer games. In 2011, Anonymous doxed the technology firm HBGary Federal.

So I posted about needing a new lawn mower on my social media page, then I see these lawn mower deals wherever I websurf, that's fine by me, but if someone from home depot calls me about lawn mower deals, I'd freak out.Those of you unfamiliar with hacker culture might need an explanation of "doxing." The word refers to the practice of publishing personal information about people without their consent.Usually it's things like an address and phone number, but it can also be credit card details, medical information, private e-mails -- ­pretty much anything an assailant can get his hands on.My earlier comments here, after Eric Schmidt made comments similar to Scalia's.We did get some privacy protections after the 'doxing' of a candidate for the Supreme Court in the 1980s--but that's a while back and that seems to be an exception.v=Doe6om L08b Y My comment about statistics was largely based upon having seen many, many of instances similar to these, whereas the vast majority of claims about pro-Gamer Gate harassment are either unverifiable (e.g.

third- or fourth-hand) or are instances of harassment that, in fact, have nothing to do with Gamer Gate, but are asserted to be part of it by its detractors.

• January 2, 2015 AM @Random832:"Do people have a right to anonymous speech?

" The 1st Amendment is vague, and you should be a Constitutional Law geek to know bounds of your free speech before you actually use it in some cases.

• January 2, 2015 PM Doxing has been around since before 2001.

I was doxed in 1997 by a former member of a religious cult who thought I supported his cult's leader.

I am much quieter on the Internet than I used to be precisely because a group of anonymous hackers were gearing up to doxx me for the dumbest of reasons.